Jesus: All-Powerful King


The image of Jesus as a gentle shepherd is a comforting one, but it is not the complete picture. The fullness of Jesus' character encompasses not only His compassion and love but also His majestic power and authority. This understanding of Jesus as the all-powerful King is essential for a deeper commitment to living under His lordship.

Consider the biblical account of Jesus calming the storm. This event is a testament to His command over nature. Similarly, His encounters with demon-possessed individuals reveal that even the demons recognize His authority. These narratives are not just stories; they are demonstrations of a power that commands both the natural and the supernatural realms.

Jesus' teachings were bold and direct, often confronting the religious leaders of His time and challenging societal norms. He spoke of judgment and the end times, asserting His role as the ultimate judge with the authority to determine eternal destinies. This portrayal of Jesus as a figure of authority should inspire awe and a reverent fear that is rooted in an understanding of His power and our need for His grace.

Reflect on the events of the crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus, in a position of apparent weakness, willingly submitted to suffering and death. This act was not a display of frailty but rather an incredible exhibition of strength and love for humanity. The resurrection, celebrated especially on Easter, stands as the ultimate display of His power over death and hell.

As followers of Christ, recognize the price Jesus paid and live lives that reflect His power and authority. The call to follow Jesus wholeheartedly is a call to become His disciples and to live according to His commands. This mission requires embracing and sharing the fullness of Jesus' character, including His strength, authority, and compassion.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Recognizing Jesus' authority over all aspects of life should lead to a life lived in reverence and wisdom. It is a call to examine one's life: Are the pursuits of wealth and approval from others taking precedence over serving God wholeheartedly?

The crucifixion and resurrection are not merely historical events but powerful demonstrations of Jesus' love and strength. He chose to endure suffering for the sake of humanity, and His victory over death is a promise of hope and eternal life for those who believe.

In embracing the fullness of Jesus' character, one finds the strength to make disciples and teach them to obey all that He commanded. This is the essence of living a life that honors the all-powerful King, a life that is transformed by His power and guided by His love.


Posted by Rob & Shawna Thomas

Rob and Shawna are both graduates of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. During their time in Dallas, they were on staff with Youth for the Nations summer conference hosting over 4000 teenagers the summer of 1995. For three and a half years they served as full-time youth pastors at Christian Life Church in Rantoul, Illinois. In 1999 they moved to Rob’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to serve at Church of the Harvest where Rob’s father pastored. Over the next 20 years they aided in various roles including youth pastors, worship leader, men’s director, women’s director, camp directors and outreach directors. In 2019, they were given the position of Lead Pastors at Harvest where they are still serving today. They have three grown children all serving the Lord and serving in ministry, Lauren, Madison, and Aaron.

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