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Welcome to Church of the Harvest! We are excited that you are considering joining our church family, located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. We believe you'll enter into a fulfilling and abundant season of life at Church of the Harvest. Our core mission is to empower and nurture Jesus followers to fulfill their God-given purpose. Our approach involves fostering community, providing discipleship, and engaging in impactful outreach activities. Connect with our vision, and watch as your life flourishes. Join our community at Church of the Harvest for a transformative journey!

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Discover community at Church of the Harvest, a cornerstone of our values. Immerse yourself in fellowship, prayer, and shared growth by joining our diverse array of community groups that meet throughout the week. At Church of the Harvest, we believe in the power of togetherness, fostering connections that enrich lives, and strengthen faith. Embrace the spirit of community with us!

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Explore Church of the Harvest's purpose, passion, and heart to uncover the unique qualities that set us apart. As you consider joining our church family, we believe you will be stepping into a season of life that is not only rewarding but also abundantly fruitful. At Church of the Harvest, our joy lies in welcoming people like you into a community where purpose is discovered, passion is ignited, and hearts unite in shared pursuits.

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Experience the significance of water baptism at Church of the Harvest—a powerful declaration of our salvation to the world. Through water baptism, we intentionally align ourselves with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, symbolizing our spiritual rebirth. Baptism is a sacred journey of obedience to Christ, a tangible expression of our faith, and commitment to the transformative power of God's grace in our lives.

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Explore a variety of impactful serving opportunities available at Church of the Harvest. Enroll into our Growth Track where you will learn the various ways you can contribute and make a difference within the Olive Branch community and beyond. Your involvement can be a catalyst for positive change and meaningful connections!

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Address: 14707 MS-Hwy 302 | Olive Branch, MS | 38654

Phone: (662) 890-1573