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Truly Free

Rob ThomasApril 7, 2024Discipleship

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In this message, our pastor emphasizes the reality of demonic influence and the power of Jesus to cast them out, providing hope and freedom to those in bondage. He shares a personal story of a friend who struggled with depression and ultimately took his life, underscoring the seriousness of spiritual warfare. He  warns against the dangers of immoral activities like pornography, describing it as an open door to demonic influence that can lead to guilt, condemnation, and actions out of character. He reassures the congregation that Jesus has given believers authority over demonic forces and that they should not fear but rejoice in their salvation and written names in heaven. The pastor encourages those who feel bound by recurring sins or problems to seek freedom through Jesus, who can break chains and offer a fresh start. He recommends resources like "The Bondage Breaker" and "Victory Over The Darkness" for further guidance on achieving freedom.

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