Truly Free #2

Truly Free

Shawna ThomasApril 14, 2024Discipleship

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In this message, our pastor emphasizes the importance of internalizing God's Word to combat spiritual invaders and evict "squatters" from our lives, using the analogy of the Chaldeans, a fierce warrior people who conquered Babylon and took Israel into captivity. The pastor warns against the dangers of spiritual bondage, drawing parallels between the Chaldeans and demonic spirits that seek to invade our lives. The sermon also highlights the necessity of tithing, as withholding tithes is likened to stealing from God and potentially opening doors to the enemy. The pastor urges the congregation to protect the next generation from Satan's attempts to corrupt their minds, money, and morals, and advocates for active participation in church life and ministries to fortify against spiritual attacks. The sermon concludes with a call to be vigilant, and to seek refuge in God's presence, as He is the ultimate protector against the cunning, vicious, and thieving nature of demonic forces.

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