Truly Free #4

Truly Free

Rob ThomasMay 5, 2024Discipleship

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In this message, our pastor emphasizes the theme of spiritual freedom and bondage among believers, drawing from various biblical narratives and personal testimonies to illustrate his points. He discusses the story of a woman whose faith led Jesus to heal her daughter from demonic possession, highlighting the power of humility and faith in receiving God's blessings and deliverance. The pastor also shares a personal story from Pastor Robert Morris about overcoming sexual immorality through confession and humility, reinforcing the message that true freedom comes from the Holy Spirit. Additionally, he addresses the dangers of believing lies about oneself, as seen in a man who overcame a curse of being "accident-prone" through spiritual revelation and truth. Throughout the sermon, the pastor urges the congregation to examine their lives for ongoing sins or spiritual bondages, encouraging them to seek deliverance and live in the freedom Christ offers.

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