Truly Free #5

Truly Free

Bob ThomasMay 12, 2024Discipleship

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The message emphasizes the pervasive and deceptive nature of the fear of man, which binds individuals to the approval and opinions of others, thereby displacing God's rightful place in their lives. Pastor Bob illustrates this with personal anecdotes and biblical examples, such as Peter's denial of Jesus, to show how fear can ensnare and distance us from God. He likens the fear of man to a three-legged race, where being tied to others' expectations hinders one's spiritual walk. The pastor encourages the congregation to seek freedom from this bondage through trust in the Lord, emphasizing that God’s love and power can set them free from fear and enable them to fulfill their divine purpose. He concludes by inviting those struggling with fear to come forward for prayer and ministry, reinforcing that yielding to God is the key to deliverance.

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