Truly Free #6

Truly Free

Rob ThomasMay 19, 2024Discipleship

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In this message, Pastor Rob emphasizes the importance of tithing and the spiritual consequences of not doing so. He draws a parallel between Judas betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, which was the price of a slave, and the misuse of tithe money, highlighting that failing to return to God what belongs to Him leads to bondage and curses. He underscores that tithing is not about increasing church income but about closing the door to the devourer in one's life and experiencing God's blessings and protection. He explains that the concept of tithing predates the law and is an ordinary principle of faith, urging believers to trust that a blessed 90% goes further than an unblessed 100%. The message concludes with a call to recognize one's bondage to sin, repent, and make Jesus the Lord of one's life, ensuring true freedom through faith and obedience.

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