Truly Free #8

Truly Free

Rob ThomasJune 9, 2024Discipleship

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In this sermon, Pastor Rob emphasizes the importance of mental freedom and the power of the Word of God in achieving it. He explains that while Jesus' sacrifice on the cross has already granted us freedom, we often remain in bondage due to our thoughts. The mind is described as the main battleground between good and evil, where the enemy attacks us with lies and negative thoughts. He underscores the necessity of taking every thought captive and aligning it with the truth of God's Word, using it as a spiritual weapon to pull down strongholds and defeat the enemy. He shares practical steps for biblical meditation, encouraging the congregation to constantly immerse themselves in Scripture to renew their minds and replace negative thoughts with God's truth. The sermon concludes with a call to surrender to Jesus, make Him the Lord of one's thoughts, and live a life free from worry, fear, and other forms of mental bondage by relying on the transformative power of the Word of God.

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