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At some point in time we all have a need for healing or restoration for our body or mind. Or perhaps you just need some refreshing to get back on track. Whatever the need, I want you to know that God has already provided it. To some this is a very foreign concept but it is true none the less. Many already know that God sent his son Jesus to pay the price for sin and when we accept what he did then we can be saved. But many don’t know that word “salvation” is actually the Greek word “sozo”: its meaning is to save, heal, deliver, be made whole, be set free; nothing missing nothing broken. So you can see it is much more than just making heaven your home when you depart from earth. God intended us to be victorious over every work of the enemy while we are here on this earth. There is no enemy in heaven to fight, no sickness or disease, no lack; these exists here and God gave us power and authority over them to overcome.

The bible says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds (II Cor 10:4).  God has provided for us wisdom, knowledge, weapons and instruction, just to mention a few things, but we are required to put those tools to work to get what he has provided.  When is the last time the Ax in your tool case went out and chopped down a tree by itself? It didn’t: the ax could not get the job done without you. It does not work independent of you but it works with you to accomplish the work. It does the hard stuff, you just do your part. Jesus already did the hard part, he paid for all sin, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, etc.  We are partakers of what he did when we do our part.  He has freely provided for us but we must do it God’s way in order to receive. So, what is our part?

Before you can appropriate what Jesus purchased for us at the cross, you must know what he said about it because faith begins where the will of God is known.  Faith is the currency of heaven; you use your faith to receive what the bible says belongs to you.  You can’t get anything in the kingdom of God without faith.  And, you can’t take possession of something that you don’t know exists. So we must start with finding out what God said about healing and believe it and act upon it!

Many think that healing is instant; and sometimes God does miracles (we like that, don’t we?) but often healing is a process. The bible says in Revelation 12:11, “They overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony...”  Overcoming means there is opposition. There is an enemy out there that wants to keep you from what is rightfully yours.  I like this explanation: if you received legal paperwork naming you as a beneficiary of a deceased person’s will, inheriting $1,000,000.00 and you put the paperwork in a drawer and didn’t act on it would you be able to spend the money you inherited?  No, you would be legally entitled to it but you would lack possession.  Until you put a demand for what is legally yours, you won’t possess it to enjoy it.  Faith puts a demand to get what is legally ours in the kingdom of God. What do you need today that God has already provided?

Action Steps:

  1. Go to the word of God and find out what God said about healing and then use your faith to possess it. Note: you are not trying to convince God to give it to you; he already did. We need to find out what God says to do and then do it so that we can receive.
  2. Visualize yourself healed.
  3. Refuse to doubt.
  4. Declare healing scriptures over yourself.
  5. Keep the word of God concerning healing active in your life daily, stay in faith and believe God.

The word of God grows mightily in me and prevails!

Rev Jo Rook

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